Top 5 SEO Tips From Austin RISE Week Experts

We all know content is the most important SEO factor, but here are some specifc tips emphasized during RISE Week to remember:

1. Make Google Happy

Google is the most popular search engine and by joining the bandwagon, you will get a higher ranking. Make sure to avoid doing anything that can get you blacklisted and sent to the bottom (such as copying other people's content). Join Google+ and be active on it, as well as all your other social media. Make constant updates with fresh, original content at least once a week. Create a Google Authorship page; this will help your SEO and Google identify your work. Lastly, join YouTube (Google bought it in 2006) and post fun and useful videos about your business. Subscribe to others on YouTube to spread the word about your company.

2. Link, link, and more linking!

Ask if you can write a free article or post for other websites and blogs (preferably with similar keywords/interests) and make sure your name and a link to your website can be seen at the beginning or end of your article. When you post a comment on someone else's writing, you can add your link to it as well. Make sure to say something genuine and prevalent to the article or conversation so you won't be marked as spam. Here's an example: "Great article about Content SEO Becky, I am going to apply all your tips to my business immediately with your easy 3 step system; it makes search ranking so much less daunting! I wrote an article a while back about blending keywords into your website in a coherent way and with flow. I think you would like it alot: Would love to hear your thoughts about it. Thanks again for sharing your expertise!          -Your Name"

Or even better, try to ask a question or two that might start a discussion and engage people commenting. Social Media marketing works because it connects and engages people, which helps SEO.

3. Don't Make People Think Too Much

Make sure your website is clean, simple, and doesn't require the viewer to over think or else they will leave your page. Your content should be short and concise as possible, especially on the home page. I don't know about you, but when I see a website flooded with images and tons of content, it stresses me out! 

4. Find a Niche

Creating a niche for yourself makes you the expert for that category and easier to cater towards certain groups of people. It also differentiates you from your competitors. An example would be a wedding planner. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of wedding planners in Austin. A niche for this planner could be green brides, or tomboy brides that want a simple, no frills wedding.

5. Establish Credibility

Make yourself the expert in your field. Why should people go to your website, listen to you, and buy your products or services? Study and do as much research as possible so you can be the specialist in your field, and write an ebook people can dowloand for free. When they download the ebook, make sure they have to fill out contact info. Add them to your email list so they can get your newsletter (if you don't have a newsletter, now is the time to create one to build a customer base and not only get new clients, but to get clients to return as well).