How to Steal Kate Middleton’s Style



Since the annoucement of her engagement just a few years ago, the world has gone crazy over Kate Middleton. My favorite thing about the Princess is that she brought class back to fashion. Dressing provacatively doesn't send the right message, and men actually prefer women who leave something to the imagination. After all, Kate ended up bagging herself a prince so she must have done something right. Here are a few tips to make you feel a little more regal without having to steal the crown jewels!


Kate Middleton is famous for her classic style; one could say "less is more" is her favorite mantra. Chose timeless, quality pieces for your wardrobe. She favors British designers such as L.K. Bennett, but has also been seen in thriftier stores like Top Shop and Zara. Websites and blogs such as "What the Frock" feature similar options of designer duds and where to buy the cheaper versions. Supposedly the Duchess takes very good care of her things and even gets her pumps reheeled. Keep your clothes folded or hung and protected in bags, boxes, or drawers to maintain them. Make sure you have several great fitting pairs of skinny jeans (at least one in a dark wash color), several nice blouses, V-neck dresses, and patent leather heels in your wardrobe. Clothing, especially coats, that accentuate the waist are a definite must. If you can afford it, hire a stylist to tell you what colors and styles work for you. If you can't, invite some friends over and have a girls night where you each trade clothes and give each other advice. A lot of styling is common sense; long vertical lines and long necklaces lengthen a short torso. High-waisted pants lengthen legs, and heels make you look slimmer.

Makeup and Hair

Schedule an appointment to have your makeup done to refresh your knowledge and learn some new skills. It's been reported Kate Middleton frequents the Bobbi Brown counter. When applying your makeup, go for a light to medium coverage foundation, and a natural pink blush and lip. Her most popular eye shadow shades tend to be muted browns and purples. She brushes a darker shade on her lid, medium in her crease, lightest on her brow bone. Maybelline's "Mocha Motion" eyeshadow palette is very similar to Kate's taste. For eyeliner, she uses a liquid gel to get her precise smudge proof line. I like Maybelline's Eye Studio liner in black. It comes with a brush and is extremely easy to apply. Depending upon the angle of the brush, you can adjust the thickness of the liner.

Kate always has a sunkissed glow. For those of us who can't afford weekly spray tans and trips to the French Riviera, there are at home tanners. I am obsessed with Neutrogena's airbrush spray tan. It is natural looking, easy to use, and around 10 dollars. St. Tropez is also another great option for a natural glow, but it's a bit on the pricey side. To get Kate's silky locks, be regular with hair appointments. Try not to use shampoo everyday, and apply hair oil on your ends after showering. To get the Duchess's slight wave, use a large (at least 1 inch) curling iron or rollers. No one has proof of Kate's skin regimine but I have found that drinking large amounts of water daily, getting chemical peels a few times a year, retinol regimens, suncreen, and monthly facials prove beneficial. Be gentle and try to use natural products free of harsh chemicals.


Many dieticians and nutritionists suspect Kate limits her dairy, bread, sugar, and processed foods to keep her svelte figure. Many articles report she cooks a lot of her food from scratch (not only is this healthier but this saves money as well!) and drinks lots of water. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit, and small portions of lean meat. Try making this for breakfast: blend frozen berries, a small banana, protein powder, and coconut water or unsweetened vanilla almond milk in a blender. You can also add some veggies like spinach because the fruit will mask the flavor. For lunch, try stove top cooking some vegetables and chicken in a pan with a little soy or peanut sauce. For dinner, I like to throw a variety of vegetables in beef broth along with a few beef cubes in a crock pot for a satisfying stew. Add some salt, pepper, and a few bay leaves for extra flavor. Kate has been known to bake rosemary lemon chicken for Price William and can her own fruit preserves. 

Exercise and Pregnancy

The Duchess is famous for her athletic body. This has been contributed to morning runs, rowing, and a weight training program. You can buy weights and theraband for under twenty bucks. You can also watch workout videos for free on YouTube. Prefer a leaner more feminine physique? Try pilates and ballet. 

After her pregnancy, Duchess Catherine switched to prenatal yoga to keep her muscle mass without risking harm to her baby. Kate has managed to avoid ballooning to whale like proportions from her pregnancy by sticking to small, healthy portions and not overdoing it on sweets and salty snacks. When you don't eat healthy foods, you get more cravings and have a harder time preventing over eating. If you are sick of fruits and veggies, grab a flavored rice cake (I like apple cinnamon and the regular lightly salted) with a little bit of laughing cow cream cheese spread on top for a guilty free option. Try adding avocado, dried fruit, and nuts to spice up salad. A few pieces of organic dark chocolate or a fiber bar are also healthy alternatives.